To assemble a home-like situation and environment of AMSA-UHT for all members where they can maximize their true potential through the 3 philosophies of AMSA to make a significant impact on society


  1. Reserve a home-like and supportive environment for its member to have the opportunity to increase their skill as a medical student and bring great impact on society in future
  2. Reinforce bonds and cooperation between members to make a conducive situation that can grow every members’ ability
  3. Expand experiences and connection for each member by sending delegates to local, national, and international competition as well as event



  • Community Outreach
    • EOTY (Event of The Year): New Era New Habit
    • Baret X Aquaman
    • Stigma X Mental Health
    • Emergency Relief
  • Membership and Development
    • Open recruitment AMSA-UHT
    • Rapat kerja AMSA-UHT
    • AMSA Camp X Makrab
    • Awareness Month The Series X Charity
    • Musyawarah Besar dan Pemilu
    • Birthday Card
    • AMSA Night
    • AMSA-UHT Internship
    • AMSA Angel’s
  • Finance and Partnership
    • Official Attribute of AMSA-UHT
    • Charity X Awareness Month The Series
    • Charity X STIGMA
    • Merchandise AMSA-UHT
    • Enhancing AMSA-UHT’s collaboration with GO’s and NGO’s
  • Publication and Promotion
    • Upgrading
    • AMSA-UHT Official Greeting Card
    • AMSA-UHT Post-Event Report and Videos
    • AMSA-UHT Official Booklet
    • AMSA-UHT Hosting Booklet
    • AMSA-UHT Promotional Video
  • External Affairs
    • Booklet and Hosting
    • Sending Delegates
    • Debate Training Class
    • National Team Class
    • AMSEP 101: Question and AMSEP
  • Research and Academic
    • ATLAS (AMSA Training Session)
    • Local Academic Training of AMSA-UHT
    • Academic Assistant
    • Research Club
    • A-Trivia
    • Kajian Jumat Malam